Yannick MIRAS

I work in the CNRS and the French National Museum of Natural History in the laboratory named “Histoire Naturelle de l’Homme Préhistorique” (UMR 7194 / CNRS / MNHN). I’m palynologist and archaeobotanist. I’m interested in the analysis of pollen, spores, non-pollen palynomorphs and charcoals originating from different contexts: natural sequences (e.g. lakes, peat bogs, palaeochannels) and archaeological structures and artefacts. The specific objectives of my research are the study of the long-term vegetation evolution and land use histories (cultural landscape shaping), the past human-induced ecological disturbances (biodiversity, eutrophication)  and the socio-environmental interactions during the Pleistocene and the Holocene. I specifically work in the reconstruction of Prehistoric and Protohistoric environments and on the characterization of the use of wild and domesticated plant resources by past societies.

Foodstuffs, Dairy products, Fermented beverages, Medicinal and Cosmetic products, Perfumes, Aromatic materials in the Mediterranean and West-European areas. This scientific notebook presents the bioarchaeology research programs of the Temos laboratory (CNRS, UMR 9016).

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