Manger, boire, se parfumer pour l’éternité. Rituels alimentaires et odorants en Italie et en Gaule du IXe siècle avant au Ier siècle après J.-C.

Editors : Dominique Frère, Barbara del Mastro, Priscilla Munzi, Claude Pouzadoux

Editors : Claude Pouzadoux, Dominique Frère, Priscilla Munzi, Barbara del Mastro

Publisher : Centre Jean Bérard, Naples

Year : 2021

Biological products related to food, libations, fumigations, care and beauty of the body play a considerable role in the life of the ancient Mediterranean peoples and also have their place in the different stages of funeral rituals, from the preparation of the body to the visit to the tomb.
As perishable products, they leave little archaeological evidence in the form of faunal and plant remains and ceramic, metal or glass containers.
This collective work, rich in the collaboration of some fifty French, Italian and Swiss archaeologists, is the publication of the MAGI programme, financed by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR).
Thanks to the association of three mixed public research units and a private laboratory, the programme implemented a transdisciplinary approach combining organic chemistry and archaeobotany for four years, from 2013 to 2017, to identify materials and biological products in funerary contexts in Gaul, peninsular Italy and Sardinia, from the end of the Bronze Age to the beginning of the Roman period, and to determine their ritual uses.

Below, the introduction, table of contents and abstracts in French/Italian and in English.

Foodstuffs, Dairy products, Fermented beverages, Medicinal and Cosmetic products, Perfumes, Aromatic materials in the Mediterranean and West-European areas. This scientific notebook presents the bioarchaeology research programs of the Temos laboratory (CNRS, UMR 9016).

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