Georgi Iliev

Georgi has been interested in archaeology since the age of 13, when he watched the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie. Subsequently went up to the city of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria) where he studied Archaeology at the local university, focusing on Late Roman and Early Christian architecture in Eastern Europe.

He is also interested in the presentation of archaeology and heritage to the public, having worked in a several museums including the Stara Zagora Museum of History, the Museum of Zagorka brewery, and the Museum of Saint-Brieuc.

Georgi has been digging since 1999 on number of archeological sites in Bulgaria, North Macedonia and France. For several years he was a Director and co-Director of excavations in the archaeological reserve of Augusta Traiana in Central Bulgaria and in the surrounding region.

The five years spent at the museum of Zagorka brewery gave him a taste for some archaeological experiments on the beer production. Since than he has a particular interest in experimental archaeology concerning the technology of fermented products, namely beer, wine and yogurt. After several successful attempts in small batches of home-made wine, he is currently pursuing his own experiments to master the art of home-made yoghurt.

Georgi was field school director at two NGO’s promoting the archaeological heritage on the Balkans and organizing archaeological field schools for students as well as a French NGO promoting Brittany’s cultural heritage.

In the present project Georgi will be in charge of conducting series of archaeological experiments to gather row data for subsequent chemical analysis.

Foodstuffs, Dairy products, Fermented beverages, Medicinal and Cosmetic products, Perfumes, Aromatic materials in the Mediterranean and West-European areas. This scientific notebook presents the bioarchaeology research programs of the Temos laboratory (CNRS, UMR 9016).

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